Can I change my password or email?


A user asks:

I've moved to a new company. Can I change my Password and/or Email address?

Yes you can.

In fact you can change everything in your profile while maintaining your history of transactions and potentially access (although the Brandkit's Admins may decide to change your User Role and/or access if you've moved to a new company.)

Step 1: Login to your account on the Brandkit account in question.

Step 2: Click the User icon in the top right Navigation bar and then select My Profile.

<p class=”intercom-align-left”><br /><b>Step 3</b>: Edit your details</p>

A:  When changing your Email address we send you an email with a link which you must click in order to validate the change.

B: When changing your Password, we send you an email to your current email address with a link, which you must click to visit a password reset page (note this URl is valid for a limited time).

C: When changing other Profile information, such as company name, etc, edit the details and click the  [ Update your details ] button to save.

<h1 class=”intercom-align-left”>Can an Admin do this for the User?</h1>

It's possible for an Admin to trigger an Email change and a Password reset - but the user must open the emails sent and action the changes for them to work - and might be surprised to receive the emails or not be available to action them.

For this reason our recommendation is to ask the user to initiate these changes themselves.

Please contact support if you run into problems or have questions.

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Can I change my password or email?

How to change your Brandkit Password or Email address.

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