In the Rough Sketches: Low Fidelity’s Unembellished Truth

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In a world obsessed with perfection, prototyping tools like Figma and InVision are the go to solutions.

They turn dreams into polished realities.

But, there’s a raw truth in low-fidelity prototyping’s simple sketches, the proverbial sketch on restaurant napkin.

High-fidelity tools craft details, but low-fidelity’s rough sketches breathe life into ideas. It’s about the core, not the frills.

Here, creation is real, unpolished.

Low-fidelity prototyping is free and wild. Ideas are unchained, untouched by the need for perfection.

Innovation lives in this unexplored space.

Low-fidelity prototyping is a quiet talk between creator and idea. Each stroke and line is a silent word, a thought.

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

High-fidelity tools detail, but the essence lies in the undetailed. Low-fidelity prototyping is where creation finds its true form.

Let’s find truth in simplicity, in the unadorned.

At Brandkit we avoid those precise prototyping tools mentioned in the first paragraph.

Instead we sketch roughly on paper or tablet, and work through ideas in as low fidelity as possible. It allows us to tease out a solution, free to think and free to move fast.

Then we skip the high fidelity wire-frame altogether and go straight to code - this allows the engineer/developer to build the solution and respond to the constraints of the system, without the additional constraint of the usually unnecessary hi-fi, pixel perfect design.

Happy sketching :)


In the Rough Sketches: Low Fidelity’s Unembellished Truth

There’s a stark, unvarnished truth in the rough, candid strokes of low-fidelity prototyping, a truth that speaks of creation in its rawest, most primal form.

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