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Brand-Safe™ Content Distribution

To gain control and influence of your brand story, you have to make it easy for both internal and external users to access your brand content. However, first you have to wrap any access to your brand content in the right posture.

"Free to use, but on our Terms.
Use as instructed. Don't break the rules.
Promote us in some way."

At Brandkit we get it.

You can be confident that any use of your brand content is as safe as we can make it.

Your brand content is automatically wrapped in an on-brand Brand Portal, your Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Copyright, Licencing, Usage instructions and Brand Guidelines. Plus every interaction is tracked and report-able.

Example of a Brand-Safe download from The NZ Story Toolkit

How it works

Screenshot of a Brand-Safe download for Tourism New Zealand

Example: Screenshot from Tourism New Zealand asset download form

(1) Account Setup

Start by setting up your Vaults, Licences, and Credits databases in your account settings. You can create as many Vaults, Licences or Credits as you need, and word them as you please (or your legal team require).

(2) Classify your Assets

Next, when uploading or creating Assets, Administrators classify them by selecting a Vault, Licence, Credit and setting a Release and/or Expiry date. You can do this one Asset at a time or in a batch via the Basket.

(3) Download time

Now whenever content is accessed by a user, the Licence, Credit, Usage and Expiry declarations are automatically shown. Plus users are asked to confirm their acceptance of your customisable terms of use each time. Setting the right "posture" around access to your brand assets.

Making every share Brand-Safe™

We care about brand safety and delivering the right content to the right people at the right time. So we've developed a suite of features and strategies to ensure that you can trust Brandkit to be as Brand-Safe™ as possible.

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