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At it's core Brandkit™ is an industrial strength Digital Asset Management System, (also known as a "DAM"). It is where you'll save, store, create, curate, manage and tag your digtal assets. Brandkit goes a step further that most DAM solutions and centralizes ALL your content, not just uploaded files, but also written posts, syndicated assets, and links to external or earned media. It provides file uploading, asset ingestion, auto-tagging, batch processing, image processing, post editor, external-link builder, and much more.

It powers your Search Page, Brand Portal, Downloads, Shares, File Transfers and Embeds.

The DAM is the foundation of your brand toolkit.

What the Brandkit back-end or Admin interface look like

(1) Add your content

You can easily upload all your files, write posts or add links to external media, one or many files at a time. Brandkit® supports all the standard files formats for brand and marketing assets including photos and image, videos, artwork and graphic files, presentations, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud native application files. We have a built in post editor for creating written posts, and a unique visual link creator. In addition we have the ability to receive Assets syndicated from partner's Brandkit accounts and native integration to Google Drive, with other native integrations coming.

(2) Classify and Tag

Content assets are created as drafts. Next step is to classify and tag assets, by editing Asset metadata and tags either one asset at a time or in batches. Our AI powered auto-tagging will lend a hand by automatically adding tags to images, based on what the AI observes in the image. Check the Vault, and move if needed to ensure the right users have access.

(3) Approve to Publish

Once you're happy, click Approve to publish your new Asset(s) to your Brand Portal for folks to access based on their User Role. You may want to check that the right Users can see the new Assets in your Brand Portal, with the new Masquerading tool. Then you could announce the new Assets by selecting and sharing them with the Share tools.

Digital Branding & Marketing
and the importantance of DAM software

Brand marketing today is in reality mostly digital brand marketing.

That is, most brand communications (marketing) is now conducted on digital channels. This means there is an insatiable apetite for good, on-brand digital content. DAM Software is therefore now one of the most important Brand Management Tools, in the modern marketing software stack.

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Digital Asset Management FAQ

Q. What is Digital Asset Management Software?
Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, in the context of branding and marketing, refers to a centralized system designed to store, organize, and retrieve branded content such as images, videos, logos, and documents, ensuring consistent and efficient brand representation across various media channels.
Q. What is Brandkit's DAM solution?
Brandkit's Digital Asset Management solution provides businesses with a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform to create, manage, and distribute digital assets, digital content and other brand and marketing resources, ensuring brand and marketing communications consistency across all communication channels.
Q. How does Brandkit's solution differ from traditional digital asset management software?
Being a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, our Digital Asset Management software is hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for in-house installations or updates. This ensures that you always have access to the latest features and improvements without any manual intervention.

Brandkit™ is also unique in that it combines a customisable brand portal (website), digital files, posts and links in one unified system. Plus Brandkit™ includes (and invented) Brand Guidelines auto-attachment, plus you get large file transfers and even a Social Media link-in-bio landing page built in for free.
Q. How secure is our brand data on your platform?
Data security is a top priority. We employ state-of-the-art encryption, regular security audits, and comply with global data protection standards to ensure your brand data remains confidential and secure.
Q. Can I customize the DAM to fit my company's needs?
Absolutely! Our solution is designed to be flexible.

You can customize branding, pages, navigation, design themes, page layouts, domain name, user roles and access levels, user authentication, search filters, taxonomy and more to align with your organisations’s specific requirements.
Q. How many users can access our DAM?
Unlimited Users. Our pricing is based on Usage not user seats. So every plan has unlimited users, including unlimited Admins. Yay!
Q. Is there any training provided?
Yes, we provide comprehensive training sessions for teams, as well as a library of video tutorials and written documentation.
Q. How does the pricing work?
Our pricing is subscription-based, typically billed monthly or annually. We offer different plans based on features and likely usage. See pricing here.
Q. Can we integrate this solution with other software we use?
Certainly. Brandkit's Digital Asset Management solution offers API integrations with various popular software and platforms.
Q. What kind of customer support do you provide?
We offer around the clock 24/7 customer support through email, and phone. Plus, our Help Center is available around the clock for self-help and guidance.
Q. How do we get started?
Simply book a discovery and demo call on our website, or reach out to our sales team. We'll ensure that Brandkit is a good fit for your organisation, then arrange to setup your account, onboarding and training of your team.
Q. Can I get a trial account?
Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial (but this can be extended for as long as you need), allowing you to explore the Brandkit platform's features and benefits without any commitment.

You can requst a trial account during or after the initial discovery/demo call and the Brandkit team will set that up for you.
How do we ensure brand consistency across global teams?
Brandkit's Digital Asset Management software centralizes all your digital brand and marketing assets and brand guidelines in one place, providing real-time access to all team members 24x7, regardless of their location. Then we wrap all your digital assets, in Terms of Use, Usage Licences, Attribution Credits, Expiry and Release dates and a host of other controls designed to make sharing Brand Safe. Finally we track usage and provude analytics. Helping ensure global brand consistency.

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