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Hello, Kia Ora, Hola, Bonjour - we're E-see.com, maker of Brandkit®

We're leaders in online Brand and Digital Asset Management software. Trusted by leading brands since 1997.

E-see International Ltd (e-see.com), launched the world's first online cloud-based Brand Management System, to deliver logo design files and automatically attach brand style guides, in 1997 (Learn why here).

We were early adopters of cloud and SaaS - so early these terms hadn't yet been conjured up.

In about the 2010 to 2015 period, something new was in the air. Social Media had now been established for a few years and had really started to disrupt the established media-agency-brand arrangements. Brands started in-sourcing marketing, advertising, and publishing.  The world turned, and marketing fundamentally shifted.

Today Brands are more often than not, publishing content directly themselves and they need new tools to help manage and curate that content.


So, we pivoted.

Out with the old, and in with the new. A complete rethink, a new codebase, a new solution for modern marketing teams.

Brandkit® launched in 2015 and today Brandkit is 100% of our day to day business.

We now focus solely on the Brandkit® brand.

E-see International Ltd - the original company, still owns Brandkit outright and remains the registered company name so you will continue to see that reference in some places, as E-see International Ltd trading as Brandkit.

Happy branding :)

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