Place Brand Ecosystem™

A place brand is more than one team's idea. It can and should represent the whole community, all it's stakeholders, including private sector businesses. Brandkit is working everyday with place brands and we understand this tension.

It's complex to be sure, but Brandkit believes that your tools can and should be designed to enable you to engage your communities, aggregate the myriad of stories, and present them as part of your overarching brand story.

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The 4 Pillars of a Place Brand Ecosystem™

Authentic Content

Content, whether writen, spoken or visual, should be honest, authentic and real.

Aligned Narrative

Storytelling should be aligned around a shared vision and beliefs.

Stakeholder Engagement

All parties, from the place brand team through stakeholders, local businesses and partners should be encouraged to actively contribute, engage with, repurpose, and share the content, and participate in storytelling.


It's vital that the ecosystem thrives and lives on, with more content added, and more story tellers engaged, and more aligned brand stories shared over time.

Place Brand Ecosystem Canvas™

Place Brand practitioners need effective tools to develop a cohesive brand narrative and communicate this and it's various factors to stakeholders effectively.

Brandkit has developed a unique Work Canvas designed specifically for Place Brands.

Download the Brand Ecosystem Canvas

Place Brand Ecosystem Workshop™

Place Brands must engage their communities, stakeholders and private sector businesses to run an effective place brand programme.

Brandkit has experience working with established world class place brands, and in collaboration with specialist consultants, can advise and assist with the design of a practical workshop programme aimed at stakeholders and private sector businesses. Workshops are designed to work through the brand narrative, develop community storytelling skills, and encourage use of toolkit resources.

Contact us for more details.

Place Brand Toolkit™

Place Brands must engage their communities, stakeholders and private sector businesses to run an effective place brand programme.

Brandkit has developed a special Place Brand Toolkit package offer designed specifically for Place Brands. Providing a digital brand toolkit, with custom layouts and special features that facilitate community, stakeholder and private sector engagement.

Learn more here

Place Brand Ecosystem Partner Network™

Brandkit has developed a special package of services, combined with it's digital toolkit solution, titled "Place Brand Ecosystem Partner Network", specifically aimed at Place Brands.

Each Partner Network integrates a primary Place Brand Toolkit (mothership) with sattelite Brandkit's from the community, stakeholders and private sector businesses, to create a shared pool of content. Offering each party access to an abundance of free, authentic and safe to use content, so that each can promote the place brand, and tell their own story within, the place brand framework.

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