Logo Edition

1000/once (lifetime deal)

(or 2000/once for Premium)

A super simple service to share your logo artwork and brand guidelines, for a simple one time fee, for life1. No fuss, no muss - easy as can be.

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[1] Once (lifetime deal) means for as long as we stay in business (25+ years so far), or until you cancel.

What it looks like

Logo Edition Standard shown - Premium adds custom domain, branding, colours, etc.

Screenshot of an example Logo Edition Brandkit

Logo Edition Inclusions

Logo Edition Standard

Our most basic plan with Brandkit domain


Not Included

Logo Edition Premium

Get a custom domain and branded UI with Premium.


Not Included

How it works

(1) You send us your logos (images and design files) and existing brand guidelines or style guides.

We'll then review and send you an invoice for payment before we start.

(2) We'll setup and configure everything for you at your own Brandkit subdomain e.g. acme.brandkitapp.com.

If you opt for Logo Edition Premium, we'll also ask you for your preferred domain name and send you instructions on how to add a CNAME to your domains DNS records.

(3) You start using and sharing your Brandkit address (URL). e.g. yourbrandname.brandkitapp.com

(4) People visit your Brandkit, find what they want and download it (no login required).

Logo Edition FAQs

Q: Can I share images and video in the Logo Edition?

A: No, the Logo Edition is designed for Brand Identity (e.g. logos, icons, etc) and Brand Guidelines only. You'll need to upgrade to another Edition for Images, Video and other Asset types.

Q: Can my Logo Edition Brand Portal be private or require login to access?

A: Depends. The Logo Edition Standard is public access only. It's designed to be the simplest easiest to use Brandkit experience for your users, and your marketing team as well. Logo Edition Premium adds the ability to require users to register and login.

Q: Can I make changes to my Brand Guidelines or Downloadable files?

A: Yes. Typically with brand identity, changes are (and should be) few and far between. In Logo Edition we setup everything for you (as opposed to self-serve in other Editions) - so you will need to ask Brandkit Support to make those chnages for you. If it is a simple change this will be at no additional cost. In some cases there may be a service charge to make that change. The support team will let you know if there will be a service fee once you request a change.

Q: Can I get a free trial?

A: Nope sorry no trials with this plan. Logo Edition is a turnkey service where we set everything up for you. Once you commit, and send us your files, we'll set everything up for you, and you'll be good to go.

Q: Can I change my plan?

A: Yes absolutely. You can change your Plan and upgrade to a different plan at any time. You'll want to upgrade in order to start sharing imags, video and other asset types or start setting up different users roles, etc. To make a change, contact us

Q: What is Fair Usage?

A: Fair Usage is designed to avoid abuse of our service and is explain here in our Fair Use Policy.

Q: Can I cancel my account?

A: Of course, you can cancel your account at anytime.

Note the following, when you cancel.

Q: Are Unlimited Users really Unlimited?

A: Yes indeed. The Logo Plan gives you a public facing Brand Portal. Vistors don't have to register or login to download and most won't. Who really wants another password to remember anyway?

Q. Do you offer Not For Profit discounts or discounts for registered charities?

A: Yes we do, but not on the Logo Edition which is already heavily discounted. We offer NFP discounts on other Editions. Contact us to ask us about discounted rates for registered charities.

Q: Is A DAM like Brandkit® it worth it?, what sort of ROI will I get?

A: Most customers will save hundreds, if not thousands of hours over a year. Learn more about Brandkit's Return On Investment here.

Q: My question is not answered here, where can I get additional help?

A: Please contact us and we'll happily answer any questions.

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